A EU Handbook for the development of well-being programmes

The report will include key findings and recommendations on policies and initiatives on workplace wellbeing, best practices, existing gaps at national and EU level, and practical guidance for any Human Resource professional, Vocational Education and Training trainer, and CEO that want to promote and invest on the well-being and productivity of their employees.

Available in English, Greek, Italian, French and Bulgarian.

The THRIVE@WORK Training and Mentoring Programme

Available in August 2023

A training program of 15-20 hours, including PowerPoint presentations, a Trainers’ Handbook, pre-recorded videos from pilot workshops, self-evaluation tools, an e-library with material in relation to well-being, and Guided Mindfulness Exercises for any Human Resource professional and Vocational Education and Training trainer that wants to implement effective and successful well-being programmes within their companies and organizations.

Available in English, Greek, Italian, French and Bulgarian.

THRIVE@WORK Online Training Platform

Available in December 2023

The THRIVE@WORK online platform will be accessible from this page and will include the project resources, the THRIVE@WORK Training Programme and any other information for the introduction of successful programmes for the promotion of well-being at work and the reduction of stress among employees. The Platform will also host a virtual space for discussions and exchanges of knowledge, ideas, and best practices at country and transnational level.

Available in English, Greek, Italian, French and Bulgarian.