About the Project

The THRIVE@WORK project wants to promote stress prevention and well-being at work by encouraging Human Resources professionals, Vocational Education and Training trainers, CEOs and owners of companies to dedicate resources and invest in programmes for the psychosocial well-being of their staff. Based on current perceptions, intentions, challenges and needs on the issue of well-being at work, we will develop a training programme, conduct pilot laboratories to test and evaluate the program and create the THRIVE@WORK Online Platform for Human Resources professionals and anyone interested in promoting well-being in the workplace.

All project products and actions will be especially designed to promote continuous training of HR Managers/Officers on well-being programmes to ultimately sustain and enhance employees’ physical and emotional wellbeing, reduce work-related stress, and ultimately improve staff productivity, efficiency and engagement.

These objectives will be pursued through the development of these resources:

A EU Handbook for the development of well-being programmes

with best practices, existing gaps and practical guidance for Human Resources professionals on workplace wellbeing;

The THRIVE@WORK Training and Mentoring Programme

with presentations, a handbook, videos, self-evaluation tools, an e-library and guided Mindfulness Exercises;

The THRIVE@WORK Online Training Platform

a platform where you can find project resources and initiate discussions and exchanges of knowledge, ideas, and best practices.