“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.”

Annie Dillard, writer

And, for many of us, how we spend our days is at work.

On average, people spend 90,000 hours at work throughout their lifetime. Wellbeing at work is, then, a fundamental ingredient to a happy, serene, and fulfilled life, as it is crucially important to our overall mental and physical health. 

With the THRIVE@WORK project, we want to promote stress prevention and well-being at work by encouraging Human Resources professionals, Vocational Education and Training trainers, CEOs and owners of companies to dedicate resources and invest in programmes for the psychosocial well-being of their staff. Based on current perceptions, intentions, challenges and needs on the issue of well-being at work, we will develop a training programme, conduct pilot laboratories to test and evaluate the program and create the THRIVE@WORK Online Platform for Human Resources professionals and anyone interested in promoting well-being in the workplace.

Through the THRIVE@WORK project, we want:

Human Resources professionals, Vocational Education and Training trainers, CEOs and company owners to invest in and implement well-being programs for employees, as well as to regard stress prevention and wellbeing at work as priorities.

Employees to experience positive emotions, such as happiness and satisfaction, and to be able to develop and maintain meaningful relationships with others and fulfill their need for belongingness.

Companies and Organizations to improve their productivity and profitability and to generate economic growth at national and EU level through the promotion of their employees’ well-being.

THRIVE@WORK activities will include:

A desk research

on existing well-being practices and programs at the workplace, best-case scenarios and current gaps.

Online surveys for HR professionals

to grasp their perceptions on the importance of protecting well-being at work, their challenges and needs in the development and implementation of wellbeing programs.


to test the THRIVE@WORK Training Program in each partner country.

Final events

to present the THRIVE@WORK experience and further amplify its reach and impact on the promotion of well-being at work.

THRIVE@WORK Resources will include:

A EU Handbook for the development of well-being programmes

with best practices, existing gaps and practical guidance for Human Resources professionals on workplace wellbeing;

The THRIVE@WORK Training and Mentoring Programme

with presentations, a handbook, videos, self-evaluation tools, an e-library and guided Mindfulness Exercises;

The THRIVE@WORK Online Training Platform

a platform where you can find project resources and initiate discussions and exchanges of knowledge, ideas, and best practices.