Nurturing Workplace Well-being: Insights from THRIVE@WORK Pilot Workshops and TPM

Oct 9, 2023 | News

At the recent third Transnational Partner Meeting (TPM) in Athens, THRIVE@WORK delved into the central aspect of its mission – the pilot workshops in Italy, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece and Belgium. These workshops, an integral part of the initiative, served as a testing ground for the training and mentoring programme designed to improve wellbeing in the workplace.

The insights gained from these workshops revealed a nuanced landscape of different perspectives on well-being, influenced by cultural nuances and unique workplace dynamics specific to each partner country. Despite these differences, participants were unanimous in their intention to prioritise well-being initiatives, demonstrating a global commitment to cultivating a healthy workplace culture.

The workshops also highlighted challenges unique to each country, such as regulatory differences and varying levels of awareness. Addressing these country-specific challenges became a key consideration in tailoring the training programme for optimal effectiveness.

The TPM played an important role as a forum for extensive discussion of feedback from participants and trainers involved in the pilot workshops. This dialogue proved instrumental in refining the training and mentoring programme and shaping its development for maximum effectiveness. As THRIVE@WORK moves forward, the lessons learned from the pilot workshops and TPM discussions will have a significant impact on the development of a customised and culturally sensitive training programme. The project remains committed to promoting continuous learning for HR professionals, with the overarching goal of enhancing employee well-being, reducing work-related stress, and promoting productivity and engagement across international borders.