EU Handbook for the development of wellbeing programmes: a Practical Guide to ensure the well-being of your employees

Nov 28, 2022 | News

As the Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in higher levels of work-related stress and burnout, the attention of employers and HR professionals towards the concept of well-being at work has also increased steadily. Research on factors that contribute positively to well-being at work is growing, and more and more senior leaders have employee well-being on their agenda.

To respond to this emerging need and priority among employers and HR professionals, the THRIVE@WORK consortium has developed an “EU Handbook for the development of wellbeing programmes”. The Handbook provides practical guidance on how to plan, implement and follow up on programmes to promote workplace well-being, starting from the very notion of well-being.

HR professionals can easily consult the Handbook and find instructions and advice to ensure the psychosocial well-being of their staff and to ultimately enable them to thrive, at work and outside.

Please find the “EU Handbook for the development of wellbeing programmes” at this link.

For more information on the Handbook, please contact us through the “Contact Us” tab on the project website.