Well-being at work in EU countries: a snapshot of current approaches, needs and gaps

jul 8, 2022 | News

In the framework of the “THRIVE@WORK – Training programme for well-being at work for HR managers that want their organisations to thrive”, all partners developed a national report based on desk research and primary findings collected through an online questionnaire. Taking into account findings from all partners’ desk research as well as primary findings, needs and gaps in terms of workplace wellbeing practices and relevant policies were brought to the surface.

Overall, organisations in EU countries (Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Bulgaria and Brussels) hold a positive approach towards well-being in terms of taking a positive action on health and well-being, taking employees’ well-being seriously, understanding its importance and committing resources to promote employees’ well-being.

The most frequently mentioned trainings amongst EU countries that participated in the online survey were on stress management, work-life balance, and effective communication for wellbeing in the workplace. Interestingly, HR professionals also reported a number of factors that hinder their efforts in promoting wellbeing at work. Of the most frequently reported factors were lack of leadership commitment and lack of resources. These findings are important as they shed light on what organisations need to do in order to be able to implement wellbeing programmes and help their employees thrive at work.

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