Kick-off meeting of the THRIVE@WORK project – Training programme for well-being at work for HR managers that want their organisations to thrive

фев. 2, 2022 | News

The THRIVE@WORK project is a cutting-edge training program for HR executives who want their organisations to grow and see them thrive! The project kicked off on 2 February 2022 with a virtual meeting that brought together all the team members of the partnership. The aim of the meeting was to present and discuss the workplan of the project and the development of the Project Results, including responsibilities of partners and optimal ways of collaboration to achieve maximum efficiency in the project management.
The project’s main goal is to equip HR managers and VET trainers with new knowledge, competences and skills to handle well-being issues effectively, taking into account the constant changes happening in the rapidly changing global workplace. Participants will understand the benefits of investing in the development of well-being programmes for employees’ mental health and productivity, as well as for the organisation’s development and prosperity.
The THRIVE@WORK project aims to shine a light on the importance of efficient leadership and mentoring in promoting workplace well-being. Through the development of an innovative Training Programme for HR Managers (in-company VET Trainers) in any type of company/organisation, external VET trainers, professional coaches/mentors and consultants, the project objectives are to promote workplace well-being to have a positive effect on employee performance and organizational growth, as well as to build the capacity of HR Managers to include well-being programmes and policies in their HR Strategy.
To achieve this, THRIVE@WORK’s consortium will use evidence-based and scientifically proven methods deriving from Positive Psychology’s principles and specifically PERMA model.
The project is funded by the ERASMUS+ programme and will have a total duration of 2 years.
Stay tuned for more information on the project and how to get involved!